Sunday, December 26, 2010

My experiences with going blonde without my hair falling out + advice!

(my hair before)

(note: I am not an expert, take my advice at your own risk!)

About 2 months ago I decided to go blonde realizing that going blonde is a long and expensive process, especially if your doing it yourself. You have to go through long period of time where your hair is orange, dull and should not have any heat applied to it. But I really wanted to go blonde.

I have wanted to be blonde since I was a child. As a teenager my fascination with old 1960’s stars like Edie Sedwick and Bridgett Bardot, my love of early 90’s Kate Moss and my thoughts that everyone was hotter as a blonde still stick in my head. My other reason is that I love the look of blonde hair on sweet/fairy kei lolitas and my favorite visual kei stars.

(image from

Firstly I went though an initial bleach where I bleached my dyed black hair with 30 vol. for 20 minutes and went over it with a red rinse. This looked quite nice and worked really well. I deep conditioned my hair everyday and I rarely applied heat to the lengths of my hair, only my fringe and side pieces which I keep out. I relied on twists, braids and plats to keep my hair in place, I only every straightened/curled my hair for special occasions like a wedding.

(My hair after the first bleaching and dying it red)

My second stage was bleaching my hair again once the red had faded a little. This was a little bit of a problem. Because I had previously dyed my hair red with a semi permeant and my hair has a lot of red pigment, I still had a lot of copper pieces in my hair. Not wanting to bleach my hair I have toned my hair and continued to use a deep condition treatment nearly everyday, because my hair is so thick and naturally dry I have been using the treatment to slick back my hair and mainly using pretty hair accessories to make myself look presentable while my hair goes through this phase.

I am not going to apply heat or bleach to my hair until I can get it in good enough condition to to do so. I would prefer to have partially orange hair, which is only in the ends anyway, than have white ugly dead hair that I can’t do anything with. One of the problems is that once your hair is dead, in my experience with helping my asian boyfriend go white, its nearly impossible to get in near normal condition again.

(see cute hair accessories take the focus away and cover it up at least a little!!)

So here are a few trick and trips that are helping me during this time;

1.Condition, Condition, Condition- I can’t say this enough!!! It helps your hair feel normal and healthy. I tend to think that bleaching strips your natural oils that help protect your hair, so now you need to put them back in. Use treatments that are made for this kind of damage, invest in the right products.
2.Be willing to look a little strange for a while-really you can by pass the orange/yellow horrid phase but you will kill your hair.
3.Saying that, invest in some cute hair accessories-cute and well placed hair accessories can distract people from your hair. I usually place my hair in a bun and then put a pretty headband or big bow in front of it. Since only my ends are orange/copper and my roots are ash blonde this is ideal. The other this is that if you don’t style your hair, with the color so patchy it looks a lot worse than it actually is.
4.Get a good haircut-Cut out your dead ends, get lots of layers and be willing to loose a few inches. This will make your hair look healthier and less dead.
5.Tone, Tone, Tone-Learn the chemistry of hair color to get the color you would like. Use semi permanent toners to tone down the orange, or at least remove the orange out of your roots.
6.Don't go red over the top of it-this was my mistake and why I still have copper pieces left in, it was the biggest mistake I could make made!

Good Luck!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

the worst visual kei clips I have ever seen

I like watching visual kei clips, even when they are horrid and remind me of Christmas music or a 5 year old on crack. Some of them are just terrible with no other redeeming feature other than the fact that they are just plain amusing.

I seriously wonder what they were thinking when they decided to create the band, or their fans, or the record companies that invested money in them...or their parents. Do they do it for kicks? Or to see how much money they can make for doing something completely stupid.

1.Oyuugi Wagamama dan- x [Paradeiz] - Ohimesama no Akai Bara
This song is the one I described about, the start definatly reminds me of Christmas music gone wrong, even before he starts to sing. And his image completely confuses looks like a girl until he opens his mouth. This is like some rank alternative reality acid flash back gone wrong.

2.DecoLa Hopping PV CM 気まぐれ!?フェアリズム
What the hell is this? What man dresses up as a fairy and crawls around a park? Oh right....I get it. This song actually shows hope in parts, like the music without the singing sounds pretty good and the whole metal thing is kinda cool if not confusing, but then it gets into its horrid and very disappointing chorus.

3. SuG - P!NK masquerade.
For one that guy at the start has TERRIBLE English, I mean couldn't they find somebody that could speak English properly to play the news reader? AND after the whole dance sequence out of all the hot girls in the club Takeru decides to bite some ugly guy with a zombie mask on, what the heck?

I'm sure I'll find some more.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've been hurt and I don't care

This is my first "serious" post, I guess. I used to write so many on My Space that I just stopped doing it so often, instead of solving my issues I used to just write about them and gain some serious sympathy from my friends, which isn't exactly good for ones mental health.

I just found out something that would send most girls over the edge and yet I don't care. I always expected things. I think I have an understanding of things or even an empathy of how people work that it doesn't make dealing with things so bad. Or maybe perhaps I know that I can for fill everyone's needs.

I should be hurt due to the principle of things, but I can't justify that to myself. I can't tell anyone exactly what it is either, if I did everyone who look badly upon them instead of understanding that is the way they are. Everyone has needs and who am I to take things away from them, even when society says that its wrong.

I am surprised at how much I believe in my own principals more than anything, that I actually believe in what I say, that it is actually not just in my head like I alway thought it was going to be. Am I delusional or just a typical modern girl who is clinging onto a hope that she knows that won't last?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

happy, happy, happy positive thoughts

An Cafe-Smile Ichiban Ii Onna

The Gazette-The First 3 Singles

Those of you who know the GaZette and know them well, will also know that they have released 2 singles in the past year and are set to release another on September 22. Those of you who don`t, here is your chance to jump on board.

The GaZette are probably the biggest or at least one of the the biggest visual kei bands of the moment. Their sound is accessible not only to those who are well acquainted to visual kei, but also to those people who have no experience of the genre.

They are best described as a blend of alternative metal, hard rock and dare I say metal. Their previous singles such as Filth and the Beauty are instantly catchy and the first single, Before I Decay is no different. Its the GaZette at their best. Before I Decay well written with its catchy rifts, blend of harder elements and its combination of English and Japanese lyrics. Its the kind of single that could be played at the climax of a gig and no doubt it will be.

The GaZette-Before I Decay

The next single that was released was Shiver. Shiver has also been used for the wildly popular anime Kuroshitsuji or Blackbutler. To be honest, this single doesn`t grab me in the same way their other songs do. To me this song sounds a little too familar, a little too predicable. However it is very visual kei; the rift, the way the song builds and the vocals and I can`t say that I don`t like it.

The GaZette-Shiver

The last song I will review is Red, which hasn`t even been released yet. But alas! I can`t help myself but comment on their make over. Oh they look so pretty and Ruki is blond again and Aoi has short hair and Reita is a brunette.....I like the song? Oh well I guess I can`t help but to turn into a fan-girl when I hear their songs.......

The GaZette-Red

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anime isn`t just all about robots and fighting girls you know.

Some people forget that anime is quite funny too. I regularlly watch anime for my comedy fix. My current favorite for this is Maria + Holic which is about a boy was is pretending to be a girl and a lesbian who is allergic to boys who attend an all girl boarding school. Its full of chibi greatness that never fails to make me laugh and an enduring sweetness within its characters too.
Maria + Holic-Episode 1

Another amazingly funny and often gripping anime is Soul Eater, that Shinigami never fails to crack me up and don`t even get me started on the Ledgend. This anime has results in me calling everyone a ばか (Baka) which basically means an idiot.

However the story line and plot can get rather rediculous and I often think that this anime is difficult to watch if your not really into anime already.
Soul Eater-Episode 1

And who could go past one of the biggest, if not THE biggest anime at the moment in Japan, One Piece? One Piece is EVERYWHERE in Japan at the moment, it has several movies released in the cinema, you can get t-shirts, clocks, collectors cards, toys, there is just so much One Piece mech. avalible.
One Piece-Episode 1


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kamikaze Girls.

Kamikaze Girls or Shimotsuma Monogatari in Japanese tells the story of the unlikely friendship of Momoko, a devoted lolita and Ichiko, a yuki girl.

There are a few points that I like about this film, one of which is the way that they portray their lifestyles. Momoko lives in a land partly of fantasy, where she doesn`t need friends, being a lolita isn`t just a fashion statment it is her life. (Which is what its like for a lot of Lolitas) This is evident also when we see Momoko at school eatting lunch, she tells us `I only eat sweet things`. On the otherside of the scale we have Ichikio with her problems in the motorcycle gang.

Kamikaze girls in rural Japan, which is important to the development of the characters. Not all of Japan is like what you see on television or read in books, a large portion of it is still very tradional. Even though they have acess to Lolita magazines, animes and mangas, its not very common. This movie reminded me inparticular of a girl in my town who works in a fruit shop wearing full Sweet Lolita dress.

The movie also is a great example of the crazy Japanese humor that people rarely experience outside of animes, mangas and maybe the odd horror film.

You can watch the film below via you tube.

アンド Eccentic Agent ギャング

During the glorious V-Rock festival, this particular band caught my partner and I`s eye. They`re awesome costumes, far more awesome music and the amount of girls para-para dancing to them. アンド Eccentric Agent (And to those who don`t read Kana) are similar to the Gazette in music style, however they are far less mainstream.

Candy Punk

I have always been slightly alternative but I have never felt edgy or somber enough to be leather, fishnet gloves and long black skirts. It just never was my style. I felt that the whole burlesque look was too easy-just find a rockabily dress and slick on some red lipstick and your ready to go (why you don`t even really need to like rockabily, know anything about traditional burlesque or old times).

I am too hyper and child like, not like you *cool* kids to be about to pull anything like it off.

I think that this candy punk style is perfect for me, layers of tutus, pink dr martins, pastel coloured hoodies, GIANT bows. Why I don`t even have to do anything at all! Atleast you`ll be able to find me next time at that black metal gig!

you know when you`ve lived in Japan for a while

when songs like this start to appeal to you:

SuG- Vi-Vi-Vi
I have no idea why I keep listening to this song, well I do;
1)Takeru, the lead singer is hell cute.
2)It reminds me of why I love Japan, instant happiness! Bliss comes in the forms on small anime toys for 100 yen, candy coloured lolita dresses,manga, giant bows and cute-ness, if I am down a stroll through the supermarket/toy store/book store for everything to be a-okay again.
3)It`s just so darn happy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Education

A few weeks ago now I watched the film `An Education`, its an amazing film that has been well written, well directed and the performances are excellent. What strikes me most about this movie is the every girl feeling that it pr evokes. Any teenage girl would do the same thing, the protagonist is not particularly special, her parents hope for what most parents probably hoped for in that time period and she doesn`t do anything special.

The film appeals to art house film lovers and teenage girls alike, something which often isn`t said about film very often. Its a film that is subtle and not over dramatic.

Its worth the watch.

The Western

Last week I spent a lot of my time finishing a Screen History essay which I ineffectively compared 2 Western Films, part of my problem was within the given frame work I was unable to effectively communicate everything that I wanted to say about the genre. I wasn`t able to express anything about the amazing camera angles, dialogues, the violence, the terrain and the brutality that exists in this far away near fantasy land. I think that it somewhat is a response to my love of the sci-fi, violent film noir that so often captures my attention.

At least I gained a new found love a respect for a genre that seems dead. Even Science Fiction has been given away to romantic-coloursofthewind-healtheworld-notions that I hate so much. (really I could talk about this for-ev-er)

Even for the `cultured film buff` or whatever, its worth picking one up just to notice how much other films take from them. The best examples can be found if you compare Quinntin Tarintino`s films to Leone`s Spaghetti Westerns. Not to mention the awesome soundtracks.

My favourites of the 20 of so that I view where 3:10 to Yuma (both versions), My Darling Clementine, Once Upon A Time in the West, A Fistful of Dollars, Unforgiven and Johnny Guitar.

Unforgiven Trailer

A Fistful of Dollars Trailer

The Lobotomist

Yesterday I watched this thought provoking documentry about Dr. Walter Freeman the man who essientally pioneered the Lobotamy. It was thought to be a cure for every metal illness from disobdience in children to more sevre personality disorders.

A crude procedure, with untold results dramaticlly effected the pateints personality and mental well being for better or worse.

This documentry all highlights the struggles of the mentally ill in yester-years and how in a desparate situation people are willing to try anything if its a means to helping someone escape.

Visit for free online documentaries!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Work Outfit 1

I think that dressing for work can be pretty challenging, sometimes I am at a loss for what to wear and just wear a long sleeve t-shirt and pants. I try to bring some creative make up and hair to the party, but sometimes I just can't.

This could also be because I like to be a little moody and somber at times, like today I'm wearing grey pants, grey t-shirt and a deep v black sweater.

Luckly for you on Monday I had a little fun. I wore my brown top, tweet high waisted skirt with a red belt and my Plutomayo (store in Harajuku) Alice in Wonderland necklace. Although it doesn't sound exciting, the combination of red and brown is quite fun and its pretty much taking it as far as I can in my strict work place.

I usually wear all mac makeup, including foundation, powder and eyeshadows, which were from the Hello Kitty for mac range with Dior lipstick which I have 3 different shades all in pink.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I was going to but I didn`t

I was going to go to yoga this morning, but I didn`t.
I was going to post outfit photos, but I didn`t.
I was going to phone my university, but I didn`t.
I was going to study, but I am not going to.
I was going to watch something clever and smart, but I am going to watch sex and the city repeats.
I was going to cook a healthy dinner.

My life is full of going to dos. I want to do but atlas! It eludes me!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Balmain

Dear Balmain,

Items in this set:
Epaluettes Metal Redingot, 92 500 SEK
Noir Epaluettes Redingot, 54 500 SEK
Faded denim jacket, $4,435
Black Lace-Up Double Boot, 10 500 SEK

Your killing me and my bank account. I love you and your Spring/Fall 2010 lines, they are driving me crazy with insane boots and jackets. My two biggest fashion weaknesses. Seriously this has got to stop or you need to give them to me for free.

The combination of military, gothic, bondage and shear rock is enough to drive me crazy.


Friday, February 19, 2010

I never intended to write a music blog. Its just how it has kinda gone lately. I guess I am just heavily influenced by the media, even though I do not really want to be, I just am. I guess I watch too much movies and television and listen to the radio too much and I read too many style blogs.

Oh well, I just kinda wanted an outlet for everything.

Well anyway to the point.

A few months ago my wonderful boy introduced me to the originally English but sings in Spanish singer Janette and ever since I have been hooked. It makes me want to wear french underwear and glide around my apartment smoking really long thin cigarettes, even though I don't smoke, drink black coffee. Actually I pretty much want my life to be a Breakfast at Tiffanys hybrid.

So now, while I sit here in very un-elegant Hello Kitty pajamas that were designed for 12 year olds and scooping marshmallows out of my coffee I bring you this:

Janette-Por que te vas

El Muchacho De Los Ojos Tristes

Listening to.

Bat For Lashes

Whats a girl to do-Fur and Gold

I love Bat For Lashes, she is one of my favorite musicians at the moment, ever since I spent my August-mid summer-over night-12 hours from Tokyo to Kyoto bus trip listening to her 2 albums (I think) on repeat, I can't stop. I love her in the same way I love strange 60's pop (Janette, Nancy Sinatra, Bridgette Bardot's music efforts) even though it doesn't sound as such.

I love everything about it, the synths, her voice, the laied to bare musical compositions. Haunting and dark, which admittedly I am attracted to in music.

It such a shame that she is compared so often to Lily Allen, when she has a completely different style, writes her own music (music people, I get that Lily Allen writes her own lyrics etc.) and different feel to them, anyone who compares them doesn't know anything at all.

See also: Daniel, Pearl's Dream and Prescilla

Monday, January 18, 2010

songs to `get into` visual kei

I think that visual kei is a difficult `genre` (if you can call it that) to `get into` or even understand as such if you live outside of Japan. What is `visual kei` and what does visual kei entail is a widely debateable topic, as the music can range from pop to heavy metal. Even the regualted fashions have changed along with changes of certain bands such as Alice Nine, Kra and Dir En Grey, who look less visual kei and more casual these days.

I am not here to define visual kei, rather I wanted to give a good starting point of songs and bands for those of you out there that are intrested in learning more. I think that discovering it for yourself is always the best way, but sometimes your first impressions count the most.

1.The GaZette
Filth and The Beauty

Before I Decay

The GaZette are undoubtably one of the biggest bands in Visual Kei and in my eyes one of the easier bands to get into as such, also they are one of my favourites. There music ranges from ballads (Casis), heavy rock (Cockroach) and even nu metal sounds (Filth and the Beauth). My favorite songs are Cockroach and Silly God Disco. Its importance to note that in visual kei the bass plays a more important part in the melody itself, rather than being a mere background sound it makes its presence more known.
For similar bands: Screw, Alice Nine, OZ
2.Dir En Grey


Child Prey

I not really sure what to say about Dir En Grey. Their stuff is fairly heavy and there really isn`t anything to liken it too. They have very strong horror-gore elements and their videos remind me of movies that I am too scared to watch at night like those of Takashi Miike. In my opinon their best songs are Zan, Ain`t afraid to Die and Saku.
See also:Sadie, D`espairs Ray, Lynch
An Cafe
Maple Gunnman

Smile IchiBan iiOnna

As you can see from this band, visual kei side of things. An Cafe err on the pop side of pop punk. I think that they`re realllllly cute particularlly their ex-guitarist Bou-Kun. I also love their guitarist Kanon. I love their bright colours and happy sunshine-ness. They are also a particular good example of oshare kei with has a more happy up beat message. Unfortunatly for some they are now on a hitaus, which I don`t really care about since I don`t like their music as much since Bou left and those other two dudes joined. Their lead singer Miku is now a model in nearly every issue of Kera.

The Revenant Choir.

I love Versailles, no band can claim to be more extravagant (well maybe Ali Project). They are def. over the top but I love it, nearly as much as I love their dual guitars or their tight drums...actually I probably love the guitars more....anyhow they're awesome and I don't really have anything else to compare it to.

Christy's other picks: Exist Trace, DuelJewel, Sadie, Screw, Eccentric Agent, Vanilla, Kagrra, L'Arc-en-Ciel, Penicillin and Moix Dis Mois

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pop music got me into alternative culture

I always wondering the power of pop music and now I am sure that one of my biggest influences to who I am today is the pop video. No, not now. But the good old days, when they were actually artistic and people took risks and cared about their "artistic creditability". A lot of pop music video's of the 90's present alternative ideas. Here were my favorites:

Oh yes. Look at those colours, the drappy blackness and all of those crows. There isn't a doubt in my mind that Madonna's 1998 clip frozen was influential to me. Right down to it Synth Midi track. I later also loved the clip for Hollywood.

Kylie Minogue's Confide in me (Embedding Disabled) was forever influential to those partial to pale skin, red lipstick and purple eyeskin. The sarine colours and the purring of her voice imprinted on my brain. Her newest songs however are well, to put it as nicely as posible....awful. You shouldn't dress/go the musical direction of 80's revival if you were famous in the 80's unless your Duran Duran, which in my opinon shouldn't have come back at all....(but what are you going to do)......onto the rock

Sour Girl by the Stone Temple Pilots could be considered "alternative", maybe if your 15 or something, but in my eyes its major lable-post-grunge is def. more mainstream. This was one of the songs that forever makes me nostaligic for 90's comericial rock, to which 00's sadly fails. We had Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Malvins, Jane's Addiction, Alice in list never ends. Stone Temple Pilot's Creep also had a big effect on during my high school period.

I loved girl groups growing up, I loved this song growning up. But unlike the Spice Girls, they could sing and they were hot and more importantly they're still hot. Seriously. (see "Rock Steady") I don't know what the whole reunion thing failed.