Thursday, February 25, 2010

Work Outfit 1

I think that dressing for work can be pretty challenging, sometimes I am at a loss for what to wear and just wear a long sleeve t-shirt and pants. I try to bring some creative make up and hair to the party, but sometimes I just can't.

This could also be because I like to be a little moody and somber at times, like today I'm wearing grey pants, grey t-shirt and a deep v black sweater.

Luckly for you on Monday I had a little fun. I wore my brown top, tweet high waisted skirt with a red belt and my Plutomayo (store in Harajuku) Alice in Wonderland necklace. Although it doesn't sound exciting, the combination of red and brown is quite fun and its pretty much taking it as far as I can in my strict work place.

I usually wear all mac makeup, including foundation, powder and eyeshadows, which were from the Hello Kitty for mac range with Dior lipstick which I have 3 different shades all in pink.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I was going to but I didn`t

I was going to go to yoga this morning, but I didn`t.
I was going to post outfit photos, but I didn`t.
I was going to phone my university, but I didn`t.
I was going to study, but I am not going to.
I was going to watch something clever and smart, but I am going to watch sex and the city repeats.
I was going to cook a healthy dinner.

My life is full of going to dos. I want to do but atlas! It eludes me!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Balmain

Dear Balmain,

Items in this set:
Epaluettes Metal Redingot, 92 500 SEK
Noir Epaluettes Redingot, 54 500 SEK
Faded denim jacket, $4,435
Black Lace-Up Double Boot, 10 500 SEK

Your killing me and my bank account. I love you and your Spring/Fall 2010 lines, they are driving me crazy with insane boots and jackets. My two biggest fashion weaknesses. Seriously this has got to stop or you need to give them to me for free.

The combination of military, gothic, bondage and shear rock is enough to drive me crazy.


Friday, February 19, 2010

I never intended to write a music blog. Its just how it has kinda gone lately. I guess I am just heavily influenced by the media, even though I do not really want to be, I just am. I guess I watch too much movies and television and listen to the radio too much and I read too many style blogs.

Oh well, I just kinda wanted an outlet for everything.

Well anyway to the point.

A few months ago my wonderful boy introduced me to the originally English but sings in Spanish singer Janette and ever since I have been hooked. It makes me want to wear french underwear and glide around my apartment smoking really long thin cigarettes, even though I don't smoke, drink black coffee. Actually I pretty much want my life to be a Breakfast at Tiffanys hybrid.

So now, while I sit here in very un-elegant Hello Kitty pajamas that were designed for 12 year olds and scooping marshmallows out of my coffee I bring you this:

Janette-Por que te vas

El Muchacho De Los Ojos Tristes

Listening to.

Bat For Lashes

Whats a girl to do-Fur and Gold

I love Bat For Lashes, she is one of my favorite musicians at the moment, ever since I spent my August-mid summer-over night-12 hours from Tokyo to Kyoto bus trip listening to her 2 albums (I think) on repeat, I can't stop. I love her in the same way I love strange 60's pop (Janette, Nancy Sinatra, Bridgette Bardot's music efforts) even though it doesn't sound as such.

I love everything about it, the synths, her voice, the laied to bare musical compositions. Haunting and dark, which admittedly I am attracted to in music.

It such a shame that she is compared so often to Lily Allen, when she has a completely different style, writes her own music (music people, I get that Lily Allen writes her own lyrics etc.) and different feel to them, anyone who compares them doesn't know anything at all.

See also: Daniel, Pearl's Dream and Prescilla