Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've been hurt and I don't care

This is my first "serious" post, I guess. I used to write so many on My Space that I just stopped doing it so often, instead of solving my issues I used to just write about them and gain some serious sympathy from my friends, which isn't exactly good for ones mental health.

I just found out something that would send most girls over the edge and yet I don't care. I always expected things. I think I have an understanding of things or even an empathy of how people work that it doesn't make dealing with things so bad. Or maybe perhaps I know that I can for fill everyone's needs.

I should be hurt due to the principle of things, but I can't justify that to myself. I can't tell anyone exactly what it is either, if I did everyone who look badly upon them instead of understanding that is the way they are. Everyone has needs and who am I to take things away from them, even when society says that its wrong.

I am surprised at how much I believe in my own principals more than anything, that I actually believe in what I say, that it is actually not just in my head like I alway thought it was going to be. Am I delusional or just a typical modern girl who is clinging onto a hope that she knows that won't last?