Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anime isn`t just all about robots and fighting girls you know.

Some people forget that anime is quite funny too. I regularlly watch anime for my comedy fix. My current favorite for this is Maria + Holic which is about a boy was is pretending to be a girl and a lesbian who is allergic to boys who attend an all girl boarding school. Its full of chibi greatness that never fails to make me laugh and an enduring sweetness within its characters too.
Maria + Holic-Episode 1

Another amazingly funny and often gripping anime is Soul Eater, that Shinigami never fails to crack me up and don`t even get me started on the Ledgend. This anime has results in me calling everyone a ばか (Baka) which basically means an idiot.

However the story line and plot can get rather rediculous and I often think that this anime is difficult to watch if your not really into anime already.
Soul Eater-Episode 1

And who could go past one of the biggest, if not THE biggest anime at the moment in Japan, One Piece? One Piece is EVERYWHERE in Japan at the moment, it has several movies released in the cinema, you can get t-shirts, clocks, collectors cards, toys, there is just so much One Piece mech. avalible.
One Piece-Episode 1


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