Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Gazette-The First 3 Singles

Those of you who know the GaZette and know them well, will also know that they have released 2 singles in the past year and are set to release another on September 22. Those of you who don`t, here is your chance to jump on board.

The GaZette are probably the biggest or at least one of the the biggest visual kei bands of the moment. Their sound is accessible not only to those who are well acquainted to visual kei, but also to those people who have no experience of the genre.

They are best described as a blend of alternative metal, hard rock and dare I say it...nu metal. Their previous singles such as Filth and the Beauty are instantly catchy and the first single, Before I Decay is no different. Its the GaZette at their best. Before I Decay well written with its catchy rifts, blend of harder elements and its combination of English and Japanese lyrics. Its the kind of single that could be played at the climax of a gig and no doubt it will be.

The GaZette-Before I Decay

The next single that was released was Shiver. Shiver has also been used for the wildly popular anime Kuroshitsuji or Blackbutler. To be honest, this single doesn`t grab me in the same way their other songs do. To me this song sounds a little too familar, a little too predicable. However it is very visual kei; the rift, the way the song builds and the vocals and I can`t say that I don`t like it.

The GaZette-Shiver

The last song I will review is Red, which hasn`t even been released yet. But alas! I can`t help myself but comment on their make over. Oh they look so pretty and Ruki is blond again and Aoi has short hair and Reita is a brunette.....I like the song? Oh well I guess I can`t help but to turn into a fan-girl when I hear their songs.......

The GaZette-Red

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