Saturday, November 13, 2010

the worst visual kei clips I have ever seen

I like watching visual kei clips, even when they are horrid and remind me of Christmas music or a 5 year old on crack. Some of them are just terrible with no other redeeming feature other than the fact that they are just plain amusing.

I seriously wonder what they were thinking when they decided to create the band, or their fans, or the record companies that invested money in them...or their parents. Do they do it for kicks? Or to see how much money they can make for doing something completely stupid.

1.Oyuugi Wagamama dan- x [Paradeiz] - Ohimesama no Akai Bara
This song is the one I described about, the start definatly reminds me of Christmas music gone wrong, even before he starts to sing. And his image completely confuses looks like a girl until he opens his mouth. This is like some rank alternative reality acid flash back gone wrong.

2.DecoLa Hopping PV CM 気まぐれ!?フェアリズム
What the hell is this? What man dresses up as a fairy and crawls around a park? Oh right....I get it. This song actually shows hope in parts, like the music without the singing sounds pretty good and the whole metal thing is kinda cool if not confusing, but then it gets into its horrid and very disappointing chorus.

3. SuG - P!NK masquerade.
For one that guy at the start has TERRIBLE English, I mean couldn't they find somebody that could speak English properly to play the news reader? AND after the whole dance sequence out of all the hot girls in the club Takeru decides to bite some ugly guy with a zombie mask on, what the heck?

I'm sure I'll find some more.

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