Friday, February 19, 2010

Listening to.

Bat For Lashes

Whats a girl to do-Fur and Gold

I love Bat For Lashes, she is one of my favorite musicians at the moment, ever since I spent my August-mid summer-over night-12 hours from Tokyo to Kyoto bus trip listening to her 2 albums (I think) on repeat, I can't stop. I love her in the same way I love strange 60's pop (Janette, Nancy Sinatra, Bridgette Bardot's music efforts) even though it doesn't sound as such.

I love everything about it, the synths, her voice, the laied to bare musical compositions. Haunting and dark, which admittedly I am attracted to in music.

It such a shame that she is compared so often to Lily Allen, when she has a completely different style, writes her own music (music people, I get that Lily Allen writes her own lyrics etc.) and different feel to them, anyone who compares them doesn't know anything at all.

See also: Daniel, Pearl's Dream and Prescilla

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