Monday, January 18, 2010

songs to `get into` visual kei

I think that visual kei is a difficult `genre` (if you can call it that) to `get into` or even understand as such if you live outside of Japan. What is `visual kei` and what does visual kei entail is a widely debateable topic, as the music can range from pop to heavy metal. Even the regualted fashions have changed along with changes of certain bands such as Alice Nine, Kra and Dir En Grey, who look less visual kei and more casual these days.

I am not here to define visual kei, rather I wanted to give a good starting point of songs and bands for those of you out there that are intrested in learning more. I think that discovering it for yourself is always the best way, but sometimes your first impressions count the most.

1.The GaZette
Filth and The Beauty

Before I Decay

The GaZette are undoubtably one of the biggest bands in Visual Kei and in my eyes one of the easier bands to get into as such, also they are one of my favourites. There music ranges from ballads (Casis), heavy rock (Cockroach) and even nu metal sounds (Filth and the Beauth). My favorite songs are Cockroach and Silly God Disco. Its importance to note that in visual kei the bass plays a more important part in the melody itself, rather than being a mere background sound it makes its presence more known.
For similar bands: Screw, Alice Nine, OZ
2.Dir En Grey


Child Prey

I not really sure what to say about Dir En Grey. Their stuff is fairly heavy and there really isn`t anything to liken it too. They have very strong horror-gore elements and their videos remind me of movies that I am too scared to watch at night like those of Takashi Miike. In my opinon their best songs are Zan, Ain`t afraid to Die and Saku.
See also:Sadie, D`espairs Ray, Lynch
An Cafe
Maple Gunnman

Smile IchiBan iiOnna

As you can see from this band, visual kei side of things. An Cafe err on the pop side of pop punk. I think that they`re realllllly cute particularlly their ex-guitarist Bou-Kun. I also love their guitarist Kanon. I love their bright colours and happy sunshine-ness. They are also a particular good example of oshare kei with has a more happy up beat message. Unfortunatly for some they are now on a hitaus, which I don`t really care about since I don`t like their music as much since Bou left and those other two dudes joined. Their lead singer Miku is now a model in nearly every issue of Kera.

The Revenant Choir.

I love Versailles, no band can claim to be more extravagant (well maybe Ali Project). They are def. over the top but I love it, nearly as much as I love their dual guitars or their tight drums...actually I probably love the guitars more....anyhow they're awesome and I don't really have anything else to compare it to.

Christy's other picks: Exist Trace, DuelJewel, Sadie, Screw, Eccentric Agent, Vanilla, Kagrra, L'Arc-en-Ciel, Penicillin and Moix Dis Mois

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