Thursday, February 25, 2010

Work Outfit 1

I think that dressing for work can be pretty challenging, sometimes I am at a loss for what to wear and just wear a long sleeve t-shirt and pants. I try to bring some creative make up and hair to the party, but sometimes I just can't.

This could also be because I like to be a little moody and somber at times, like today I'm wearing grey pants, grey t-shirt and a deep v black sweater.

Luckly for you on Monday I had a little fun. I wore my brown top, tweet high waisted skirt with a red belt and my Plutomayo (store in Harajuku) Alice in Wonderland necklace. Although it doesn't sound exciting, the combination of red and brown is quite fun and its pretty much taking it as far as I can in my strict work place.

I usually wear all mac makeup, including foundation, powder and eyeshadows, which were from the Hello Kitty for mac range with Dior lipstick which I have 3 different shades all in pink.

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