Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Candy Punk

I have always been slightly alternative but I have never felt edgy or somber enough to be leather, fishnet gloves and long black skirts. It just never was my style. I felt that the whole burlesque look was too easy-just find a rockabily dress and slick on some red lipstick and your ready to go (why you don`t even really need to like rockabily, know anything about traditional burlesque or old times).

I am too hyper and child like, not like you *cool* kids to be about to pull anything like it off.

I think that this candy punk style is perfect for me, layers of tutus, pink dr martins, pastel coloured hoodies, GIANT bows. Why I don`t even have to do anything at all! Atleast you`ll be able to find me next time at that black metal gig!

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